What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls? | 7 Interesting Color Ideas

Beige color, featuring a soft and calming effect, is one of the most popular color options for wall paint. Being a neutral color, it blends well with different interior designs and is ideal for the minimalist and chic styling of a space. Using beige color has multiple positive outcomes as it adds a soothing vibe to a place, specifically in the case of choosing window curtains if you have beige-colored walls. For the curtain colors that go well with the beige walls of your rooms, we have mentioned some relevant ideas in this guide.

List Of Curtain Colors That Will Compliment Beige Walls Of Your Rooms

Down is the list of curtain colors that will create the perfect combo of style and comfort in a room.

1. White Sheers

White Sheers

White is a neutral and soft curtain color that looks perfect in every room. Such curtains can brighten up and improve the ambiance of the space by many folds. Sheer drapes are the finest curtain choice to cover your windows as they will contrast well with the beige-colored walls of your room.

The lightweight, and airy feel of these curtains will timelessly lift the decor of an interior. These curtains will illuminate your room and add a touch of elegance. Additionally, you can mount a curtain rod with an oil-rubbed bronze finish for visual appeal.

2. Dark Blue Florals

Dark Blue Florals

To add a splash of color to your interiors, you can opt for dark blue floral curtains for neutral beige walls of your room. The dark blue floral drapes, available in a variety of patterns and designs will bring an exciting look to your place. You can give an alluring look to your space by enhancing the existing decor with these curtains.

For a stylish and cozy feel in your bedrooms, you can add some other warm touches to the dark blue floral curtains like mustard yellow and metallic gold accessories. These curtains are the best choice to make your room appear well-put-together.

3. Burgundy Or Mauve Drapes

Burgundy Or Mauve Drapes

Burgundy-colored curtains will add depth and texture to your places. The pale tan or beige walls of your rooms will align ideally with burgundy-colored curtains. To decorate your spaces with autumnal colors, you style your windows with these curtains. This rich hue color contrast with the walls giving an inviting appearance to the room.

Mauve is the rarely used color for curtains that might not come to your mind. But with the light and solid color interior walls, mauve colored curtains will create a welcoming environment. To give an inviting look to your rooms, choosing mauve curtains is a great option.

4. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Grey

The grey color stands out with its unique grace when it comes to room furnishing elements. With the richness of color and visual interest, grey curtains are the most suitable option for the ornamentation of windows. Grey is a gorgeous color option that tends to elevate the whole look of a place and will go well with the soft and light-colored walls of your room.

Charcoal is an attractive shade of grey that brings about an amazing change in your space and also looks beautiful with the beige walls of your rooms.

5. Sage Green

Sage Green

One of the most incredible choices for curtain colors is sage green which can enhance the whole vibe of a space. Sage green color with a pastel shade adds brightness to the room. To give your rooms a gorgeous boho look, shop for curtains in this unique color.

The muted-colored walls will look outstanding with these curtains. Adding some plants to the scenario will bring about a lot of visual interest in the space.

6. Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Navy blue never disappoints when it comes to adorning your window with it. A set of navy blue curtains will give your rooms a luxurious sheen and will amazingly sync with the color of your existing room walls.

Navy blue will play a major role to tie the room look together. To balance out the decor, you can also use some white accents. These curtains will give a calming effect to your place, along with pleasing aesthetics.

7. Black, Orange, and Red Curtains

Black, Orange, and Red Curtains

For a bold look, you can experiment by adding black colored curtains. And with some soft accent colors like light blue, grey, or pastel, you can even out the whole look of the place.

Besides, red and orange-colored curtains will also set the tone of an interior with beige-colored walls, when decorated with complementing room furnishing elements. These dark and bold curtain colors are best to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the complimenting colors that go well with the beige walls of a room, there are hundreds of options available. As beige is a neutral color that can be matched with any color from neutral to solid. Among the contrasting colors orange, red, tan, yellow, maroon, and brown are the best options for a well-balanced interior look. To give your rooms a pleasant look, you can either go neutral or bolder with the color palette. We hope that trying these colors will work well for you regarding the beautification of your beige room walls.

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