Beautify Your Interiors With Our Luxurious Silk Curtains Dubai

Curtain In Dubai is a top-rated supplier of premium-quality silk curtains in Dubai. At our store, you’ll find the most versatile and ideally heavy-duty silken window curtains, perfect for both residential and commercial use. Their rates are highly affordable, so make sure you check out the latest varieties.

#1 Silk Curtains Dubai

Silk Curtains Dubai Create The Most Elegant Decors

Our silk home curtains not only make the most opulent window treatment but are also completely timeless and can be added to any space for instant grandeur.

Faux Silk Curtains
These curtains feature a blend of natural and synthetic fibers and are highly resilient

Silk Pure Curtains
These classy and flowy curtains contain 100% natural silk fibers with a unique signature sheen

Our Latest Silk Curtain Ranges

Best Quality Silk Curtains Dubai
Reliable Silk Curtains Dubai
Modern Silk Curtains Dubai
Luxury Silk Curtains Dubai
First Class Silk Curtains Dubai
Elegant Silk Curtains Dubai
Durable Silk Curtains Dubai
Classic Silk Curtains Dubai

Benefits Of Adding Silk Curtains Dubai To Homes And Offices

Privacy Protection
These curtains offer maximum privacy by blocking light transfer

Noise Reduction
Their thick fabrication effectively blocks the transfer of noise 

Easy Handling
Their stain and wrinkle resistance makes upkeep very easy 

Comfort Enhancement
They create a perfect balance of temperature and airiness 

Sun Damage Protection
These fuller curtains are excellent at blocking intense sunlight

High Energy Efficiency
You can reduce your home’s energy expenses by installing these curtains 

Stunning Silk Curtains Dubai

Where Can You Install Our Silk Drapes?

Our silk window curtains are amongst the most versatile window treatments and can be made a stunning part of every area. Other than windows, you can also have these curtains next to sliding/patio doors and skylights.

Here are a few recommendations by our experts:

Residential Use

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kids’ rooms, Lounges, Patios, Home Offices, Libraries

Commercial Settings

Offices, Conference Rooms, Receptions, Retail Centers, Halls, Entertainment Spots

Our Success Stories

Top Reviews By Homeowners

Up ahead is a glimpse of how our premium silken window coverings managed to comfort and please homeowners. Do go through these warm approvals so that you can be rest assured regarding our excellence.

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Al Qouz 1, Dubai

Enjoy Quick And Budget-friendly Curtain Installations With Us

Our curtain fitting and styling amenities are both fast and efficient and are an ideal home improvement whenever you’re on a budget.

Cafe-styling, Floor-to-ceiling, Pooling and various other installation styles
Complete curtain hardware and accessories availability
Custom sizing, hemming, decorative fabric draping and cornice additions
Added backings for extra light and noise blockage
Some More Perks

We Also Serve You With

Free Samples

You can request samples of your favorite curtain styles; we’ll deliver them for free

Area Measurements

We also offer window, skylight and door measurement servicing to ensure accurate fits

Upkeep Guidelines

Our experts will guide you about maintaining your new curtains for maximum benefits

Silk Curtain

Create Outstanding Decors With Our Silk Custom Curtains

To make new window treatments maximally satisfactory for you, we also offer custom-made silk window curtains. These bespoke curtains will best address all your individual requirements, such as sheer styles for airiness and motorized options for time-saving.

These curtains work wonders for bay and other non-uniform windows!


Custom color, print, pattern, border design, motif and effects


Precise sizes and thickness plus opacity levels

Why Choose Us?

Curtain In Dubai has been a prestigious home improvement specialist for decades in the UAE. At our store, you’ll get to shop for the best silk curtains in Dubai and you can benefit from all the rest of the services in the comfort of your homes. Our curtains are not just pocket-friendly but also entirely value-for-money.

High-end Finishing
All-decor Compatibility
Budget-friendly Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Silk is amongst the best fabric options for curtains. Curtains made from silk offer both area beautification and comforting benefits. Besides, they are highly energy-efficient, low-maintenance and capable of lasting for the longest periods of time.

Yes, our silk Dubai curtains are best for all kinds of windows and they can also be used to cover and beautify skylights and sliding doors. These curtains are very flexible and can make any type or style of window stand out in no time, while also protecting privacy.

For this purpose, you can consider dry cleaning which is a completely damage-free method. For regular cleaning, you can simply vacuum these curtains to get rid of any accumulated dust or dirt. When washing, always use lukewarm water and be gentle while wringing them.

Silk window curtains are durable, heavy-duty, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and ideally suitable for every requirement. They help create the most luxurious interior decors and are the best choice if light control, privacy management and/or noise reduction are your needs.