Ways to Hang a Curtain Rod Without Drilling into the Wall

Decorating your living spaces can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Window treatments and most importantly curtains are an integral component of bringing comfort and style to a place. Speaking of curtains, the common way to install them is by drilling the walls and installing brackets that leave holes that look unappealing. Covering your windows without drilling holes into the walls can save you from the hassle of using a drill. Besides, doing so is incredibly important if you’re making temporary living arrangements or want to make your place remain damage free for good value.

To avoid your walls from holes and/or the use of a drill machine, you can implement multiple ideas. Let us familiarize you with the tried and tested ways of hanging curtain rods without drilling.

Different Methods To Hang Curtain Rods Without Drilling

When styling your home with curtains, mounting brackets while drilling holes isn’t a limited option, you have the flexibility to pick from multiple ways that are easy to opt for.

1. Buy Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive Hooks

Using adhesive hooks is a timeless way to dress up your windows without drilling. These hooks come in a range of styles that can be paired with different types of curtain rods. Adhesive hooks can support different styles and weights so make sure you buy a set strong enough to hold the weight of your intended curtains.

You will require at least two hooks for each window curtain set. Make sure to peel off the backing of the hooks before hanging them onto the wall. These nail-free and easily adjustable command hooks will secure your curtains rod or pole atop the window. Let the hooks sit there for almost an hour or follow the time on the manual instruction. Hanging the curtain right after fixing the hook might make them fall off the wall.

2. Use a Tension, Rod

Use a Tension Rod

To hang lightweight curtains or drapes, a tension rod is also a way that fits inside your window frame. They are just limited when it comes to their style, otherwise, they don’t require any hardware like hooks. Measure the distance from one wall to another to buy a fit-to-size tension rod. Check the rod’s minimum and maximum lengths to be sure.

Hold the tension rod up to the intended window and adjust it to 1 inch lower than the frame. Place one end of the tension rod where you want it and stretch it to the other side of the window. Hang back your curtains by sliding them onto the rod. You can lengthen the rod to make sure that there’s enough pressure to hold the rods in place.

3. Try a Magnetic Rod

Try a Magnetic Rod

Magnetic rods are best for ensuring damage-free walls. They come in a variety of styles and colors and don’t require any special tools or hardware to attach to walls. Find the rod striking enough to display on walls, strong enough to grip and hold curtains well, and long enough to be perfectly framed on the windows.

Stick the rod on the intended place on the wall and press it to make sure it sticks well. The magnet will hold the grip on the wall. They can be easily removed and you won’t need to patch up any holes.

4. Opt For Stick-On Rod

Opt For Stick-On Rod

Stick-on rods come in different sizes, styles, and strength options that you can stick on your walls. To install the rods more securely and permanently, some stick-on rods come with the hardware option as well. Buy a rod that is wide enough for your windows.

These rods have an adhesive bracket with a sticky backing. Stick them to the wall after removing the backing. Leave the curtain rod for an appropriate time until it sticks properly and then slide your window curtain over them.

5. Go For a Twist-and-Fit Rod

Go For a Twist-and-Fit Rod

The twist-and-fit rod is just like the tension rod that fits inside your windows. These rods look more traditional in style because of the decorative accessories they come with. First, take measurements of the windows and buy a twist-and-fit rod long enough to fit and adjust to a place.

When accessing size, make sure to measure the minimum or maximum length of the rod. Adjust the length of the rod by placing it inside your windows and adding curtains to it. The rod should be extended such that one end reaches one side of the curtains and the other end contacts the other side.

6. Suspend Curtain Rods From the Ceiling

Suspend Curtain Rods From the Ceiling

If you have highly mounted windows, hanging curtains from the ceiling will be the ideal way to avoid drilling. Using the adhesive hooks, you can hang curtains from the ceiling using a ladder.

Adhesive hooks and stripes are the best way to hang rods without the use of a drill. Repeat the same procedure of sticking adhesive hooks and you will also enhance the visual height of your room, this way.

In The End

Hanging curtains on the windows without drilling holes is the ultimate solution to avoid your walls from damage. Installing drapes or curtain rods to the wall without drilling can be done in multiple ways. Among the ways to hang curtain rods without drilling, you can opt for tension, magnetic, or stick-on rods. Twist-and-fit rods and adhesive hooks can also be used for this purpose. Other than these ways, you can order custom compression shades, make faux Roman shades, or suspend the curtain rod from the ceiling of your room. We hope these practical ways will help you with hanging curtain rods without drilling into the wall.

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