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Curtain in Dubai is the best destination to get cotton window curtains in the UAE. We offer the most versatile collection of high-quality and durable cotton curtains Dubai at affordable prices.

Cotton Curtain

We Are the No.1 Cotton Curtains Dubai Supplier

And at our store, you’ll come across the finest and most useful window curtain varieties for every residential and commercial setting.

Sublime Crafting
Our curtains are made from 100% organic cotton fibers for maximum durability and improved air quality

Versatile Designs 
These curtains come in plenty of fabric blend, size, color, print, pattern, effect and embroidery options

Our Creations

Versatile Cotton Curtain
Stunning Cotton Curtain
High Quality Cotton Curtain
Cotton Curtain Dubai
Durable Cotton Curtain
Best Cotton Curtain
Amazing Cotton Curtain
Amazing Cotton Curtain
Classy Options

Trendy Cotton Curtain Types We Offer

Cotton Voile Curtains

These curtains come with two major fabrications; pure cotton and cotton blends and their mildly silky texture is excellent for improving interior comfort.

Sheer Cotton Curtains

These window treatments are made from lightweight and translucent cotton or linen and are great at diffusing intense sunlight for pleasant, bright, airy and inviting interiors.

Cotton Lace Curtains

These curtains often feature nylon or viscose, in addition to cotton and are perfect for adding a dreamy, decorative touch to bedrooms, lounges and living rooms.

Beneficial Features of Our Cotton Drapes

Temperature Optimization
These curtains precisely regulate room temperature.

Privacy Protection
They effectively prevent light transfer and viewing from outside.

Cost Saving
The insulation offered by these curtains reduces energy consumption.


They are a perfectly green choice.

Air Filtering
They are favorable for allergy sufferers.

Easy Upkeep 
These curtains require minimal care.

Best Cotton Curtains Dubai

Where To Hang Our Cotton Drapes?

In addition to being the most useful home curtains, our cotton Dubai curtains are an excellent choice for commercial use. We’ve listed a few area recommendations for you.

residential areas
Residential Areas

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Corridors, Home Offices, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Balconies, Patios, Terraces

Commercial Areas
Commercial Areas

Power Offices, Reception Areas, Hallways, Cubicles, Conference Rooms, Public Spaces, Entertainment Hubs

Appreciative Words from Our Valuable Clients

Here are a bunch of amazing comments from our recent customers. Do have a look at them so that you can have satisfactory purchases.

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Classic Cotton Curtains Dubai

What Difference Do Our Cotton Curtains UAE Make?

Whether you use these drapes in homes or utilize them as office window curtains you’re meant to notice a significant level of comfort and coziness around you. These drapes are completely breathable, soft to touch and have flowy profiles which can instantly make a room appear comforting. The air filtering and light diffusion add to the overall cozy ambience.

They are the most practical choice for busy households!

Harmonious Decors

With these window drapes, you can make your whole room look well-put-together.

High Absorbency
High Absorbency

They are a suitable choice for humid and moisture-prone spaces

Custom Servicing

Want A Custom Window Treatment? We’ve Got You!

Our cotton curtains UAE are also available in customized versions. You can personalize all their construction and design factors for maximum aesthetic satisfaction.

Unique Styling
Unique Styling

Personalized Colors, Prints, Effects, Draping and Accessorizing

Fabric Blends
Fabric Blends

Custom cotton blends and backing material fabrication

Installation Excellence

Get Our Curtain Fitting Amenities On A Budget

To help you make the most out of your chosen window curtains, we offer fast, affordable and long-term beneficial installation services. Your places will become noticeably comfortable and welcoming afterwards.

Free Area Measurement and Quotation Services
Complete Hardware and Accessories Availability
Free Physical and Online Consultations

Why Prefer Us?

Curtain In Dubai has been serving homeowners with the best home improvements for decades in the UAE. Cotton Curtains Dubai are among our best seller decor products which can instantly and timelessly elevate every space.

Curtain Repairs, Revivals And Enhancements
Value-for-money Additions And Treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are the answers to some questions which are often asked by our customers. You can reach out to us for any additional ones.

Our best cotton curtains in Dubai are made of 100% pure and high-quality cotton fibers. They are entirely green, sustainable and pet-friendly too. Occasionally, they also feature blends of other fabrics for extra damage-resistance and other purposes.

Yes, these window curtains are perfect for humid areas because they can easily absorb moisture and regulate the surrounding temperature. With these curtains, you can make all areas highly comfortable and pleasant to be around.

Yes, these curtains are suitable for every season because of their excellent insulation and temperature optimization properties. They prevent the loss of internal air conditioning (heat or coolness) and also block external temperature intensity, leading to a comfortable environment.

These curtains can effectively diffuse incoming sunlight and make it seem pleasant. If you require additional light blockage, you can have these curtains in darker colors or detailed prints. We also offer extra blackout linings to improve the light blockage capacity of a curtain.

For this purpose, you should measure your windows twice from all sides and go for the widest measurements. For better draping and privacy protection, you can double up the obtained width. To ensure a perfect fit, we suggest you get our professional window measuring services.

Cotton window treatments offer numerous benefits including comfort addition, area insulation, temperature balancing, privacy protection and noise reduction. Besides, they are affordable, low-maintenance and last for longer periods.

Yes, you can iron your cotton drapes. Just remember to set up your iron on the lowest heat setting or proceed carefully. Additionally, you can also use a handheld steamer for this purpose.

Of course, these curtains come in a range of unique and attractive colors, prints and patterns to go well with every decor theme. You can also have them with gradient or ombre styles or with embroidery for an outstanding window look.

You can wash these curtains in the machine, but make sure to use cold water and mild detergents. Besides, you can also wash them by hand. Additionally, spot cleaning and dusting should be performed regularly to retain their attractiveness.

Yes, these curtains are an excellent choice for kids’ rooms, play areas and nurseries because they are extremely soft to touch, non-toxic and help in creating comfortable environments. Also, they don’t get stained quickly and cleaning them is easy too.

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