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Curtain in Dubai is one of the best places to buy cotton curtains in the UAE. We offer an immense collection of high-quality, and trendy window treatments.

Cotton Curtain

We Are the No.1 Cotton Window Curtains Supplier in Dubai

Our curtains come in a huge range of styles, from classic to contemporary, to suit any and every interior design.

Quality Manufacturing
Our curtains are made from 100% natural cotton fibers, ensuring greater durability.

Curtains Accessories
We offer a range of complementing accessories for cotton curtains to beautify your interiors.

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Cotton Curtain Dubai
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Amazing Cotton Curtain
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Know the Types of Our
Best Cotton Curtains

Plain Cotton Curtains

They are made from plain woven cotton fabric and are perfect
for blocking the scorching heat waves.

Sheer Cotton Curtains

These window treatments are made from lightweight and translucent fabric, allowing some light to filter into your place.

Printed Cotton Curtains

Our exquisitely designed printed window cotton curtains are made to add style to your living spaces with their attractive looks.

Features of Our Cotton Window Treatments

Optimize Temperature
They can regulate the room temperature.

Addition of

You will get a 100% private area.

Filter the Incoming Light
They can effectively filter natural light.


You can get any curtain design or shade from us.

Enhanced Aesthetics
Your place will be ideally beautified with our curtains

Ease of

These curtains are way too easy to clean.

Best Cotton Curtains Dubai

In Which Areas Can You Hang Our Cotton Drapes?

Our quality cotton window treatments are not only meant to be used as home curtains, but you can install them in your offices, as well. We also offer cotton curtains for kitchens providing great durability and ease of maintenance.


Get your hands on our cotton curtains for nurseries and kid’s rooms.


You can install our cotton curtains for privacy in bathrooms, and shower stalls.

Appreciative Words from Our Valuable Clients

You can view the positive response from our customers about our products and services before placing the order so that you can be more confident about your purchase.

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Classic Cotton Curtains Dubai

Beautify Your Window Frames with Our Luxury Cotton Curtains

Our top-quality window treatments are made to make your area look adorable with their elegance and texture. You can get our affordable cotton curtains for the living room or can purchase our stylish cotton curtains for bedroom decor at low rates. These curtains will enhance the overall appearance of your area and will complement your existing furnishing.

Our brand is the best place to buy cotton curtains online in the UAE.

Create Stunning Visuals

With these window drapes, you can make your whole room decor look well-put-together.

Addition of Comfort

They add comfort to your place by offering temperature optimization and complete coverage.

Customization Options

Invest in Our Classy Customized Window Treatments

We offer classic window curtain customizations, as well, in order to make your places stand out. You can personalize each and every construction and design factor for the ideal aeshetic satisfaction.

Limitless Design Options

We offer endless curtain design options to choose from.

Use of Finest Material

We use premium materials and latest techniques for curtain crafting.

Installation Services

Hire Our Curtain Fitting Amenities at Low Rates

Our brand is well-known for the installation amenities available at economical rates all over the UAE. Our team will arrive at your location with your preferred cotton window curtains and will fit them with excellence.

We offer free area measurement and quotation services.
Our team will complete the task with 100% proficiency.
You can enjoy your transformed interiors in no time.

Why Should You Choose Us for Cotton Curtains in Dubai?

Curtain In Dubai is a trusted company working for decades in the UAE. We provide you with high-quality and premium services at affordable prices for the perfect home decor upgrade.

Our product quality is the most sublime of all.
Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

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Customers Usually Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to our store, where we offer an extensive range of cotton curtains. For your convenience, here are the answers to some questions which our customers mostly ask.

These cotton curtains for the bedroom are made of natural cotton fibers, and are lightweight and breathable. They create a very soft and elegant appearance allowing some light to enter, therefore maintaining your privacy.

Yes, these window curtains are perfect for humid areas because they are breathable and can help create a pleasant interior environment. Besides, they can withstand all atmospheric conditions.

Yes, our excellent white cotton window curtains are suitable for every season as they have the ability to keep your room temperature optimized all the time, providing you with a comfortable environment.

Cotton curtains can effectively diffuse the incoming light, but they cannot completely block the sunlight from entering your space, like blackout curtains. However, you can block the light to some extent by installing black colored cotton curtains.

In order to pick up the right size for your cotton window treatments, it is recommended to measure your window frames accurately. Measure the width using a measuring tape and then the height of the frame in accordance with the desired length of your curtains.

Cotton window treatments offer numerous benefits, and that’s why they are a popular choice among homeowners. They can diffuse the glare of sunlight, provide one with privacy, add aesthetics to the home and offer ease of maintenance.

Yes, you can iron your cotton drapes quite easily. Just remember to set up your iron on the least heat setting. Additionally, you can also use a handheld steamer for the job.

Yes, our sheer cotton curtains are available in a versatile variety to let you choose from. You can find them in every shade, design, and pattern and can match them with the theme of your interior design.

Cotton curtains can be easily washed in a machine or by hand.

Yes, you can get your hands on our cotton curtains for the nursery and/or kid’s room to create a comfortable environment. They are perfect for any and every room in your living space.

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