Roman Shade Styles | Which is Right For Your Window Decor

Roman shades are the classic window treatment that suits almost every window type and interior setting. To give your places a streamlined look and for the efficient use of space, these blinds are perfect. These shades can be lowered or raised with cords to open and close. The entire fabric stacks on itself when properly raised which is their defining feature. You can choose from a range of fabrics and other materials for Roman shades.

Inspired by the Roman era, these traditional or classic shades evolved over time and still function as the most popular window covering treatment. With streamlined designs and increased convenience, these shades come in multiple styles. In this piece of writing, we’ll discover different styles of Roman shades so that you can select one which is suitable for you.

Types Of Roman Shades Ideal For Windows

These shades with the signature design come with different pleats that are stacked on each other when raised. Although they are operated with cords and string, they are available with the cordless option as well. Here’s the list of shades ranging from formal to casual, classic to modern, and light filtering to room-darkening.

1. Classic Roman Shade

Classic Roman Shade

The classic style of Roman shade is the most popular and widely used one that is made from a single and continuous piece of fabric. These shades will convey sophistication and ambiance with their unique style and fine fabrication. These shades with no vertical seams make a stylish and sleek option to cover windows.

They feature two different designs which are looped and flat. The flat-style ones have pleats that create flat horizontal lines. While the looped-style forms billows of fabric that fall down the face of Roman shade. These shades with versatile designs are perfect for formal decor in your spaces.

2. Tailored Roman Shade

Tailored Roman Shade

With the border range of styles and fabric options, tailored Roman shades are perfect to add depth and visual interest to a place. These shades have four basic designs including looped, flat, seamless, and relaxed. The looped style forms cascading folds while the flat Roman shade style features flat horizontal panels.

The relaxed style also has no folds or panels but they form a minor curve aligned to the bottom. These relaxed-style Roman shades are perfect to use with printed fabrics. To create a specific look in your rooms, this window treatment style is perfect.

3. Natural Roman Shade

Natural Roman Shade

As the name says, these shades are made from natural materials to create a window treatment that is equally stylish and practical. To create outstanding styling, this age-old window treatment is combined with innovative materials, and hence these blinds are created. They also come in three main styles including standard, looped, and old.

The standard style of these shades is flat when they are positioned downwards. The unique markings of the natural shade are showcased perfectly in this style. Looped ones feature bold-looking loops of materials that give these shades a fine look.

4. Waterfall Roman Shade

Waterfall Roman shade provides an elegant dimension to the windows with their soft cascading pleats. These shades effortlessly add a touch of style to your room windows. Each fold of these shades is a bit longer than the last one. When you pull up the blinds, they create a staggering effect.

The cascading folds that ripple down the face of the fabric create a soft finishing look. The neat and uniform pleats arranged at the top give a chic look to your living rooms, study rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

5. Hobbled Roman Shade

Hobbled Roman Shade

These shades are perfect for rooms that need complete privacy. Hobbled Roman shades have fabric loops that run down across the length. The folds of these shades stay even and neat when you raise them and give a completely folded look when you lower them.

These Roman shades are ideal be installed on bigger windows because of the extra volume of the fabric. These shades have a subtle striped texture as they retain their pleats even when folded.

6. Cordless Roman Shade

Cordless Roman Shade

If you are looking for a child-safe window covering treatment, cordless shades are perfect. These shades will eliminate the cords dangling from your window treatment. They are child and pet-safe as you don’t operate them with cords but use the lift and lock technology.

They have a button that is used to operate or move the shade. While by releasing the button, you can lock them into the position. While being a safe choice, these blinds and shades create a contemporary look.

7. Knife Pleat Roman Shade

Knife Pleat Roman Shade

The last option in the list of Roman shade styles is the knife pleat style that can be used when you want to add shades of solid fabric. These shades come with seams that are perfectly sewn across the blinds to give stability and add visual interest. The seams of these shades fold up into neat folds when you raise them.

These shades with plain folds are perfect for the minimal look of your windows. Due to the construction with seams, these shades are hung close to the glass while providing privacy to the rooms with effective light control.

In The End

Roman shades are the most contemporary window hanging that are ideal for styling windows of your rooms. These blinds and shades are raised or lowered with the help of a cord and come with versatile designs and styles. You can buy classic, cordless, natural, flat, and tailored Roman shades that suit your style or put your hands on some stylish and practical ones including waterfall, cordless, or knife pleats. Aside from these styles, standard flat folds or soft folds are perfect to cover your windows. Based on the style of the space and your taste, you can pick any of the styles for Roman shades.

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