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Are you bored with your old and boring curtains which require your effort to move every time? Well then, Curtain In Dubai is here with the excellent solution of Motorized Curtains Dubai!

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We Supply Premium-quality Motorized Curtains Dubai 

Our motorized window curtains will make your windows presentable and your lives easier. These curtains, as implied by their name, work over motorized mechanisms and can be controlled in a number of effortless ways.

You can operate them using a remote control, wall-mounted switch, a dedicated smartphone app or even by giving a voice command.

We stock unique and classy design options for these smart curtains and promise the fact that you’ll have a great time choosing them for your places!

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Learn About The Materials, Hardware And Styles Of Our Motorized Curtains

We offer a range of fabric, operating mechanism, style, size, draping and accessorizing options for electric home window coverings:

  • Fabrics: Polyester, Heavy Microfiber, Acrylic, Viscose, Silk, Voile, Velvet, Rayon and Poly-cotton blends.
  • Working Ways: Multi-channel (for multiple drapes) and Single-channel (for a single curtain)
  • Controlling Methods: Remote Control, Smartphone Application, Wall Switch, Smart Home Integration
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We Are Offering Motorized Curtains At 20% Off In Dubai

Upon choosing our store, you’ll not just get to explore the widest possible choices of electric curtains but can also enjoy this useful window treatment on a budget.

Other than affordability, these curtains offer a highly cost-effective home improvement, meaning they’ll last long and ensure a good value for your money. Not to mention they make the best office curtains too.

If you wish to update your room’s look without going overboard in terms of expenses, our automatic curtains will be the ideal addition for both beautification and comfort enhancement.

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Benefits Of Adding Automatic Curtains To Dubai Homes

  • The working of our Motorized Curtains Dubai is completely effortless and you can control open or close them from any distance.
  • They are highly energy-efficient and can be pre-programmed to move, so as to regulate room temperature and retain heat/coolness.
  • These curtains don’t require frequent cleaning and there’s no need for any professional or expensive maintenance either.
  • With remote controlling of curtains, you can make your place appear “occupied” even when it is not, which will ward off potential robbers or intruders.
  • These curtains offer the most effective room-darkening, and can also be used for filtering light and air like sheers.
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How Our Customers’ Share Their Experiences

The automatic curtains I got from this brand have been the best window treatment I’ve ever had. They are great for light adjustments and I can enjoy my desired ambience. Also, despite a deluxe crafting and finishing, their price was really affordable.

Thomas L. Santos

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Get Fast And Affordable Fitting Services For Motorized Drapes

In addition to making a new window treatment purchase easy and pleasant for you, we also offer complete installation services for automatic Dubai curtains. This servicing will majorly benefit your homes and offices, making them more inviting and comfortable to be in.

Over and above, you can shop for a range of decorative hardware and accessories for your curtains from us. We can also help you with:

  • Curtain Fabric Repairs
  • Hardware Fixing/Replacement
  • Custom Panel Sizing

Why Choose Us?

Curtain In Dubai is where you’re meant to get the best home improvement ideas, products and services. And a great example of that is our Motorized Curtains Dubai which prove to be smart addition to every place. We offer a matchless build quality for these curtains, plus affordable price ranges and impressive design choices.

Get in touch to avail:

  • Free Fabric Samples Delivery
  • Window/Sliding Door/Skylight Measurement Services
  • Online and In-person Consultations
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Common Queries

Motorized window curtains are designed to provide convenience and comfort to the user by eliminating the need for manual operation. These power-operated curtains can be operated in multiple ways to save time and energy consumption.

It is possible to install electric curtain rails at home, but if you don’t have enough confidence or equipment availability, it’s best to hire professionals. If you’re going with the DIY job, you should get one-click mounting rails as those are easy to deal with.

These curtains work over an electric motor, a gear system and a  control system. They can also be battery-powered and can be controlled through smartphone applications, remotes, wall switches and smart home integration.

The motor and hardware of these curtains can last for more than 5 years. The curtain panels can remain attractive for more than a decade, depending on the usage intensity and care they receive.