6 Ideal Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

With window covering treatments, you can reflect your personality and style in a place. Sliding glass doors are an astonishing way to give your outdoor patio or backyard doors an excellent cover. These transparent doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit perfectly on the intended windows. As they are transparent and at times you need privacy, you might need window treatments to cover them.

Plenty of options are there to choose from to cover these stylish sliding glass doors. To get the desired level of privacy and have complete control over light, you can shop for curtains, blinds, shutters, and sliding panels of different styles. In this article, you will get to know about different types of window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Window Covering Treatments | Perfect For Sliding Glass Doors

The availability of innovative window treatments makes it challenging or stressful to pick one from the enormous options. But we have shortlisted some of the practically beneficial window treatments that will work well with sliding glass doors.

1. Privacy Sheers For Sliding Doors

Privacy Sheers For Sliding Doors

The most inexpensive and contemporary way to dress up the sliding glass doors is sheer curtains. If your main concern is just covering the sliding doors while letting in the light, these curtains are the absolute choice. With these curtains, natural light is beautifully diffused and illuminates a room.

These elegant curtains are easy to coordinate with the rest of the accessories in a room. You can choose from a range of colors, fabrics, and textures as per your style. The light-colored sheers will provide a soft ambiance to your space. Semi-sheers are perfect if you want to add mild privacy to your rooms.

2. Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

The second best window treatment choice is woven wood shades which are gaining popularity because of their versatile texture and layout options. These shades can give a one-of-a-kind look to your windows and a natural feel to your rooms. The sliding doors of your home will look amazingly beautiful with these innovative and practical shades.

They are crafted from different types of wood including bamboo, jute, reeds, and grasses. With an environment-friendly window decorating option, these shades are fully-functional because they can darken a room, offer UV protection, and can be motorized.

3. Blackout Curtains For Sliding Doors

Blackout Curtains For Sliding Doors

For the fabric choice ideal for covering sliding doors, blackout curtains are the best choice to settle for. When you aim for privacy from the outside environment, these curtains with thick fabric material and lining are perfect. These insulated backing curtains will block the glare of sunlight and give a completely dark environment in your rooms.

Curtains and drapes work in many weights, thicknesses, and sizes. To give complete coverage to your sliding glass doors, purchase a curtain with the additional length and width. You can decide on the color of these curtains that is suitable for you.

4. Sliding Shutter Panels

Sliding Shutter Panels

Shutters are the window treatment that rarely comes to your mind. If you are assessing window covering solutions for windows, sliding shutters are the most effective and classic options to cover windows. These sliding shutter panels are made from solid PVC materials that are known for their durability.

These shutters have an operating mechanism by which you can either slide or fold them out of the way easily. These panels offer the benefit of security, durability, and adding energy-efficiency to a space. To give your spaces a touch of style and add functionality, these shutters are a perfect choice.

5. Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical shades are another contemporary choice that can be utilized to give sliding doors a stunning touch. These vertical cellular shades are made from different types of materials including PVC, polyester, and wood. These shades are renowned for their superior energy efficiency.

These functional shades come in a range of slats sizes colors, and styles. Some of these shades are made from fabrics as well. With the vertical operating mechanism, these shades are an exceptional choice for sliding doors.

6. Dual Blackout Blinds For Glass Doors

Dual Blackout Blinds

One of the most preferred and widely used window treatments for sliding glass doors is a dual blackout blind. These blinds are made from double-looped hybrid sheets of blackout fabrics. These double-looped sheets help to block the maximum light coming from outside.

These blinds with sleek appearance can give your space a modern touch. Blackout roller blinds can be easily rolled using string or cords. They are effective for energy efficiency in space and keep the exterior light out to provide improved sleep. For the glass sliding doors, these blinds will be the most suitable option.

To Sum Up!

Sliding doors are the most practical and stylish solution to give your windows the finest cover. These transparent doors need to be covered to block the light and outside view. Window treatments for sliding glass doors are vertical cellular and woven wood shades. Among the drapery options, you can choose privacy sheers, blackout curtains, and silk or velvet curtains.

The sliding shutter panels are exceptional choices to go for covering your sliding glass doors. You can pair up different types of curtains for a practical and stylish look. From the available drapery fabric options, you can pick two of your styles.

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