Guide To Choose The Best Fabric Options For Roman Blinds? | Tips and Types

Treating your windows with Roman blinds is a worthwhile and effective way to add functionality and style to the interiors. These blinds are the aesthetic and efficient approach to settle for when it comes to the ornamentation of windows. Roman blinds feature different types of folds and pleats that are raised or lowered for opening and closing. This fabric draws into pleats when raised and forms unified folds.

Dozens of styles and fabrics are used to manufacture these blinds. The selection of perfect blinds for your home requires your worthy time and keen interest. This guide covers the essential tips and popular fabric types for Roman blinds so that you won’t find it troublesome while shopping.

Tips To Choose The Best Roman Blinds For Windows

1. Weight


Roman shades are not designed to blow in the breeze rather they are cut to the size of the window. When shopping for blinds, consider the fabric weight so that it doesn’t disrupt the opening and closing because of heavyweight. Velvet and damask will be too heavy and sheer will be too light for them, therefore, choose the one with the ideal thickness.

2. Structure


For Roman blinds, every fabric doesn’t have a structure because it comes with stiffness and thickness. The fabric for blinds sometimes comes with lining as well. Blackout lining is the best option for ideal privacy in your space.

3. Color


The color you pick for blinds will set the overall tone of a place. When purchasing blinds, it is crucial to pick the color that matches the surrounding decor perfectly. The wall color and furniture accessories can be taken as the decor selection criteria of the place. The light colors will create the illusion of a large space while dark will make it look smaller.

4. Texture and Pattern

Texture and Pattern

With a different range of fabric options, textures and patterns for blinds also vary. The patterns can be simple or embroidered. You can select from a wide range of geometric, botanical themes, checkered, floral, and abstract patterns for these blinds. Never go for oversized patterns that can overwhelm the rest of the decor.

5. Cost


The fabric cost is another integral thing to consider while buying blinds. Ask for referrals before purchase and gather cost estimates from different online sites. Choose the blinds that come under your budget and suit your requirements as well.

6. Maintenance

Fabric Roman Blinds Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance for blinds are other crucial point to consider. Ask the supplier, if the blinds can stand the moist conditions. This feature will extend the life of blinds and make it easier to care for them.

Different Fabric Options For Roman Blinds

1. Cotton and Cotton Blends

Cotton and Cotton Blends Roman Blinds

Usually, medium-weight cotton is used in the manufacturing of most Roman blinds. Cotton and cotton blends that are sometimes combined with polyester, nylon, and synthetic fabric blends are also a popular choice for these blinds. Not only is this fabric moisture-resistant and fire-safe but it also protects against the direct sunlight exposure.

With natural aesthetics and unique fabric appeal, such blinds can be ideal for any place in your home. You can install these blinds in places that are subjected to moisture and humidity including the kitchen, laundry place, and bathroom. The best thing about these blinds is that they are easy to maintain and care for.

2. Linen


Linen is a naturally sourced fabric that gives a relaxed look to your windows. These blinds come in a range of weights and textures to create a visual interest in your places. Linen fabric for blinds is antimicrobial and is resistant to mold and mildew. This fabric comes with a loose weave, thus the blinds create well-ventilated spaces.

Linen fabric is not susceptible to wear and tear and incredibly durable which is why it can be installed in the kid’s rooms too. You can install Roman blinds made from linen in the bathroom, kitchen, and other outdoor or indoor areas including entryways, porches, and conservatories.

3. Voile


Roman blinds made from voile fabric are a great option that combines style and practicality. These blinds will filter a decent amount of light in your space while offering a suitable degree of privacy. But these are suggested to be installed in places where privacy is not the top concern.

As the fabric is lightweight, it won’t overwhelm a space and can be installed in smaller rooms too. It is better to install these blinds in the areas where they won’t catch the sharp edges. Choose this fabric for blinds where you want the maximum light.

4. Chenille


Chenille is another best fabric for these blinds and has a graceful appeal. Different types of fabrics including rayon, olefin, and short pieces of cotton are twisted together to make this fabric.

This fabric creates an iridescent effect and looks different from different angles. As this fabric is made from twisted fibers so it is extremely hard wearing as compared to other fabrics. These blinds give the coziest and most satisfying look to your places. For a thermal and insulated window treatment, these blinds are the perfect choice to settle for.

5. Faux Silk

Faux Silk Roman Blinds

Faux silk is another popular and heavy-duty blind fabrication option that is most common among Roman blind materials. Faux silk is typically made of a blend of pure silk and polyester material. With their silky, smooth, and shimmery appearance, these blinds will give the most sumptuous look to your windows.

These blinds are durable, fade and fire-resistant, and wear and tear-resistant as well. You can get the best value for your investment with these highly-resilient blinds. These blinds can be used in formal places along with the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Final Words

Roman blinds with soft styles of pleats are the best option to dress up your windows. These blinds come within a range of manufacturing fabrics and pleating styles. For the best fabric choices for Roman blinds, you can pick from cotton and linen which are most commonly used.

Aside from that, voile, chenille, and faux silk will look appealing and stylish. To add depth and texture, you can choose patterned and other fabrics like acrylic, rayon, jacquard, and brocade. You will invest your money wisely with any of these Roman blind fabric options. All the fabrics listed above are easy to care for and cost-effective as well.

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