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Upgrade your living space by installing our best eyelet curtains dubai, which you can get with an extra discount. Our drapes can add charm to your living rooms and bedrooms and can make your windows a focal point of attention.

Best Eyelet Curtain

We Are the Best Eyelet Curtains Dubai Supplier

At our store, we offer a range of options for our top-quality curtains for living rooms and bedrooms, such as our 8 feet eyelet door curtain. We stock blackout curtains with eyelets in every size, and you can also get 8, or 12 feet eyelet door curtain length for any room.

Complete Quality Assurance
Order our Dubai blackout curtains which are made using premium-grade material and eyelets for the perfect living room interior upgrade.

Reasonable Pricing
We offer you our alluring bedroom eyelet blackout curtain completely on a budget.

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Latest Types

Browse Different Types of Modern
Eyelet Window Curtains

Plain Eyelet Curtain

These bedroom window drapes feature a solid color and no pattern and are great for modern decors.

Patterned Eyelet Curtain

These curtain panels have intricate designs and creative patterns, like floral or checkered ones

Blackout Eyelet Curtain

Our blackout window curtains top ensures great coverage and enhanced privacy.

Outstanding Features of Our
Quality Window Curtains

Addition of Style
These panels have attractive appearances.

Built-in rings
They have rings already embedded at their top.

Light Filtering
They can filter the natural light in your bedroom.

Enhanced Privacy
They offer complete privacy like blackout curtain.

Easy Maintenance
These bedroom drapes are easy to clean.

Excellent Versatility
You can choose any color and design.

Classic Eyelet Curtains Dubai

Where Can You Install Our Luxury Eyelet Curtains Dubai?

You can order 8 feet eyelet door curtain panels with eyelets which are meant to bring luxury and style to your room with their appealing appearance. You can install these eyelet blackout curtains panels in the living room and bedroom, and they will beautify your area’s windows. You can get them according to your own choice, as they are available in every shade, such as blue, grey, black, pink, or white. We stock trendy curtains in bulk, and they can not only be installed in your living room, bedroom, or dining room, but you can install them in your offices as well.

Hotel Room or Resorts

These black elegant curtain panels are a perfect choice for all commercial decors.

Retail Spaces

Our beige high-end curtains set can be ideal for your retail spaces.

Priceless Feedback from Our Valuable Clients

Curtain In Dubai is a leading brand in the UAE known for supplying quality curtains for each and every setting. You can make yourself satisfied before placing your order at our platform by reading these testimonials.

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Add a Touch of Elegance with Our Stylish Curtains

It does not matter if you order our grey bedroom eyelet drapes in stock or brown eyelet curtains Dubai for small windows in your living room, they will always make the livingroom bedroom look adorable as they are available in all sizes and colors. You can compliment our blackout curtain set with a beautiful curtain rod and let it enhance your room decor. You can choose our brown bedroom or living room window drapes in your preferred cms or inches. In order to adorn your blackout window curtains top, you can go for our beautiful black valances.

Our professionals are always available to guide you in making a perfect choice for any room regarding our attractive window drapes.

Endless Design Options

These affordable curtains set with eyelets in beige color are available in stock with limitless design options.

Sleek & Elegant Look

We stock alluring black and brown curtains, which offer the perfect styling of windows in any room.

Best Quality Eyelet Curtains Dubai

Invest in Our Classy Customized Window Treatments

We have an entire team of professionals who are proficient in carrying out the curtains tailoring process for any room of your home. You can tell your room’s specific requirements to our craftsman, such as extensive length and width measurements. They will customize your blackout curtains or any other ones accordingly and can even fix the torn pieces of your old curtains set. Whether you want eyelet curtains Dubai for your kitchen area or want to customize the design or size in cm according to your bedroom or livingroom windows, you can come to our store at any time, even if it is Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday.

Quality Assurance

We provide you with complete surety about the quality materials we use in the manufacturing of our curtains that we stock in bulk amount.

Perfect Sizing

We ensure offering the most perfectly fitting window curtains, having adequate length and width in cms, right according to your bedroom window frame.

Hire Our Team for the Fitting of Your Eyelet Window Treatments

Our brand is famous in Dubai for providing quality window curtain options with eyelets and for their installation process in your bedroom, livingroom, dining room, etc. We are specialized in this field and can install any sort of window treatment at both residential and commercial levels. All you have to do is make an online order and hire our team.

Our team will reach your location on time.
We will take the perfect measurements of your window frame first.
We cost you much less in AED for pink eyelet drapes installation in any room.

Why Choose Us for Dubai Eyelet Curtains?

Curtains In Dubai has a complete stock of curtains available. We always strive for the quality of our window blackout curtains with eyelets for the bedroom or any other room. We also provide new discount offers from time to time so that you can buy our items easily. You can even place an order for our white eyelet curtains stock and curtain rod online by contacting our staff while sitting in your home.

We stock the curtains in bulk amount and take online orders.
You can ask for free samples of our pretty curtains set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer our perfect curtains customization services in Dubai at the most economical rates. Our experts can tailor the curtains right according to your preferred shade (pink, white, beige, blue, grey, etc.), design, pattern, or size (length, width) of your room’s windows, along with the addition of required features, such as noise reduction properties. Our customized grommet curtains with eyelets are really popular among all the options.

Our window curtains with eyelets are made quality fabric so that you can select according to your bedroom or livingroom requirements. The fabric types are silk, polyester, sheer, cotton, linen, etc. It is always better if you choose them with extra width and extra feet for a luxurious look.

Yes, our bedroom eyelet curtains set are available with or without lining so that you can choose easily. They can provide more privacy, offers complete control over light, and reduce noise, like blackout curtains. Simple white, blue, beige, or grey-colored curtains with eyelets can let the filtered light in, while diffusing the glare in your living space.

Our blue or grey curtain panels set for bedroom with eyelets require only a curtain rod or a pole for their installation. Some of them might require additional hooks or rings if you prefer them with a curtain track system. Also, you can style them with tassel tiebacks in your dining room or living room for an opulent look and better noise control.

According to our experts, the care and maintenance for these drapes with eyelets or rings for the bedroom, especially in beige, blue, or grey color, actually depend on the fabric. But, if you do the regular dusting, it can help them remain in a good condition. Besides, some require gentle handwashing, some require machine washing, and some require only dry cleaning.