How To Install Blinds Without Drilling Holes?

Window blinds are a great deal and an essential addition to your home that enhances the aesthetic appeal and adds comfort to a space. Blinds while featuring different styles, structures, and slats orientations offer you the benefit of light control, privacy, energy efficiency, and multiple operating controls. When installing blinds, there are a couple of reasons which is why you might want to avoid the holes in walls.

If you’re living in a rental property and the owner forbids you to drill holes, then you have to be considerate with the installation of blinds. Installing blinds while drilling brackets and holes is not the only way for covering windows. Instead, you can install window blinds without the use of a drill by following the ways mentioned in this guide.

Tips To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling The Holes

Blinds can be installed on the windows without the use of screws, and nails. There can be diverse reasons which are why you don’t want to install blinds into the walls with drilling. We have listed some effective ways to install blinds with a no-drilling approach.

1. Use best Quality Tapes

Use best Quality Tapes

The easiest way to install window blinds is the use of high-strength tape. High-quality tape has the strength to hold a range of materials including wood, metal, and PVC. This tape can bond to both porous and non-porous surfaces. Since the tape is resistant to moisture, and extreme temperatures, it can be used to hang blinds in all areas.

Cut the vertical strips of tape equal to the height of the headrail. Apply the tape at a distance of 15-30 cm and press it down firmly. Depending on the weight of the fabric of the blind, these tapes are effective for installing blinds.

2. Upholstery Tacks

Upholstery Tacks

The heading of blinds is different for different types of blinds materials. Upholstery tacks are ideal for securing blind fabrics in a place. Choose the upholstery fabric that is heavy-duty and can hold the blind fabric perfectly.

Cut these tacks to the ideal length with the intended window. These tracks are available in the market as well in a huge assortment of colors. To avoid the strips from being visible, it would be great to match the upholstery tack color with the fabric of the blind.

3. Command Strips

Command Strips

One of the best-used ways to install blinds without drilling holes is the use of adhesive strips. These command hooks can be attached to the wall or window frames. With the adhesive property of these strips, you can mount these blinds on the hooks. Two command hooks will be needed for each side of the window and you can use one in the middle of the window frame to give extra support to blinds.

To create the loops, you will need a needle. Attach the strips of the fabric on the backside of the blind. Once you’ve perfectly installed the hooks, even the heavy-weight blinds can be easily hung on the windows. The adhesive strip that is used in this process can hold the weight of about 25 pounds.

4. Tension Rod

Tension Rod

Using the tension rod is the easiest way to install blinds without drilling holes. Tension rods come in a range of lengths and sizes. Even some blinds are available with built-in tension rods inside them. Using this approach will help in carrying out more weight than other solutions.

Placing the tension rod inside the window frame so that it can hold the blinds perfectly. You just have to fit the tension rod to the window frame and you can install blinds without needing to drill holes.

Alternative Ways to Install Blinds With No Drilling Holes

Besides the DIY techniques to fit blinds on windows, you can buy any of these blinds with a no-drill installation mechanism.

1. Use Magnetic Blinds

Use Magnetic Blinds

Now the market is filled with different types of innovative blinds that suit your practical needs. You can purchase blinds with seamless magnets attached to their backside. If your room windows comprise a metal material, having these blinds would be perfect for you.

The magnets used in these blinds have a strong grip that can bear the weight efficiently. Two or more magnets are attached to these blinds that can lift the weight of heavyweight blinds. The magnets attached at the back allow tilting, lowering, and lifting of the slats of the blinds.

2. Opt For Self-adhesive Blinds

Opt For Self-adhesive Blinds

Self-adhesive blinds have a sticky backing attached at the back of these blinds. You can stick them directly to the wall by peeling off the backing. You won’t need any nails, screws, or special tools to install these adhesive blinds. These peel-and-stick or self-adhesive blinds have a coating with a dash of a strong strip that is further sealed in a protective strip.

The adhesive strip along with the headrail also has the trimming scale. You can cut these strips to the size of the blinds. Uncover the strip and make sure to press it firmly on the door or window for the best adhesion. Some self-adhesive blinds have clips that allow the window treatment to fold when not in use.

3. Clip-In Blinds

Clip-In Blinds

These blinds are particularly designed for installing PVC window blinds. They come along with brackets that can be simply inserted into the back or rubber window seal. These blinds fit into the window easily while leaving no gaps

As they can be installed without drilling holes, you can install them over the patio or French doors. It is extremely easy to open and close these blinds after the installation.

4. Command Strip Blinds

Command Strip Blinds

Command strip blinds are an efficient way to mount your windows without drilling. These blinds work well with wood, glass, steel, and drywall. To use these strips, hang one side to the window and the other side to the wall or window frame.

These strips have a sticky side but they might not stick perfectly to some fabrics. You can use the extra glue to properly stick them to the wall. Another efficient way to mount your blinds on windows is stick-on blinds that also have adhesive strips.

In The End

Window blinds are the perfect alternative solution to curtains that come with distinctive structure and style options. You can buy magnetic or self-adhesive blinds for the no-drill approach. While installing blinds, there can be plenty of reasons which is why you want to avoid drilling holes into the walls.

The tension rod and command hooks are the most effective way to hang blinds to the windows. For alternative ways, you can buy magnetic or self-adhesive blinds. Clip-in and stick-on blinds are also perfect options to style your window with blinds and that too, without drilling holes.

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