How to Choose the Best Curtains For Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass doors, being transparent, help create bright and airy spaces by letting light and fresh air in rooms. They offer you easy access to the outdoors and tend to be practical and stylish at the same time.

Although they are excellent entrance/exit/window covering choices that allow you to enjoy the outside view, oftentimes you want privacy either for sleeping or to avoid the intruder’s eyes inside your places. Curtains are the best option to get full coverage from your sliding doors. But the selection of curtains for sliding glass panels or doors requires certain considerations and we’ve mentioned them in this guide for you.

Tips To Choose The Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

Being a prominent feature and design element of the room, window curtains need to be selected wisely. Up ahead is what you need to consider when choosing the best curtains for sliding doors.

1. Understand the Requirements

Understand the Requirements

Understanding the styling and functional requirements is the first thing that you should consider before purchasing curtains. As sliding glass doors open or slide horizontally, so the covering solution you choose must open in the same direction.

Some curtains or drapes come with track systems that open horizontally. Plan your budget according to the requirement and look for logical options for window drapes that work for both styling and functional needs.

2. Curtains Types

Curtains Types

Sliding doors with wide dimensions require the utmost attention in terms of the curtain’s fabric selection. Sliding glass doors in your homes can be adorned with different types of fabrics. From opaque and dense to transparent and thin, from lightweight and colored to heavyweight and dark-colored, you can choose any type of curtain.

Depending on the privacy protection and light control requirements in a space, you can pick from a versatile range of materials. Such as sheer, silk, velvet, cotton, and blackout curtains. You can also pair up different types of curtains that seamlessly blend with the room decor. To achieve perfection regarding window styling, pick the fabrics that cover all the functional aspects including insulation, privacy maintenance, light control, and property value enhancement. Smart window curtains are also a great choice to settle for in this regard.

3. Curtains Style

Curtains Style

The styles of the curtains can be referred to as their appearance and hanging ways. This is the technical part of the selection of curtains in which you decide on the curtain’s heading styles. You can align multiple curtain rods to enhance the appeal of a place.

Additionally, pinch pleats, box pleats, panel pleats, rod pockets, goblets, and pencil pleats are the most popular styles for curtains.

4. Color


Color is the most important factor that can set the right tone for your space. While selecting the color for the curtains to dress up your sliding glass doors, look around and consider the theme and style of the entire space.

The selected color of the curtain can either make or break the look of your place. If the intended room has minimal furnishing elements, then choose solids and patterned ones to enhance the interior look. Similarly, in the case of intricate and vibrant patterns and colors around, you can go for basic or neutral colored curtains.

5. Pattern


Besides colors, patterns, and formats of the curtains also contribute to the style of your place. A multitude of pattern choices is available for curtains including floral, checkered, dotted, and geometric.

Additionally, curtains with solid colors and designs are also there to give a sleek look to your rooms. Patterned colors will add depth and character while neutral ones will bring grace and softness to your interiors.

6. Length And Width

Length And Width

The length and width of the curtains make a direct impact on the functional efficiency of a space. When choosing curtains for transparent sliding glass doors, sizing parameters are important to ensure perfect window coverage. For the standard sliding doors, you should measure the window dimensions precisely. Use measuring tape for the accurate size details and purchase curtains accordingly.

The length of the curtains can be kept as per your requirements and styling preferences. You can choose between floor-length curtains and cafe-style curtains. The curtains can either just touch or puddle over the floors for a stylish appearance. As far as the width of the curtains is concerned, you must select maximum width for complete window coverage.

7. Prices And Durability

Prices And Durability

Whether you go with custom drapes or choose made-to-measure curtains, quality, and durability are the most integral factors to consider. Check the quality of the curtains by holding the fabric in your hands and ask the retailer about its durability and maintenance requirements.

The drapes you choose must be of good quality so that they won’t wear and tear easily. For prices, ask for the cost estimate from more than two retailers and choose the one that suits your budget needs. Look for shops and brands offering discounts if you are on a budget for the purchase of curtains.

To Sum Up

Sliding doors in homes are a wonderful source to add light and enhance the style of a space. However, to add privacy to your rooms, it is important to cover them. With the extensive choices available for curtains, it can be difficult to choose the best ones. When choosing curtains, you must consider the fabric material. Aside from curtain fabric, explore the wider variety of curtain styles. Color and layouts of curtains impact the overall appearance which is why it is important to select them wisely so that they compliment the rest of the decor. The length and width are also integral aspects when choosing curtains for your sliding glass doors.

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